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Multidisciplinary art project:

1999 - 2000

If we knew the human DNA and could manipulate the genetic code, the future generations might be at our mercy, and that of the imperfect society that we are constituting...

The project is not a fictive game with still unexamined possibilities of genetics and it does not aim to popularize scientific discoveries. It is rather a sort of experimental observation of the development of consciousness and science. It raises a simple question: To what extent are we prepared to participate in all that we have made possible and that we yearn to make possible for ourselves?

The project is based on an interactive game played on the Internet. Choosing among different genetically determined traits the players (participants in the project) create virtual embryos - their own virtual progeny. The created embryos are exhibited in an "embryo gallery".

In the second phase of the project the society of virtual people created by Internet users is compared with the inhabitants of a "real" society.

Monthly reports containing data analyses were issued during the first 6 months of the project.

All Internet users willing to take part in the project are invited to join the mailing list, discuss the actual issues of genetic engineering and cloning, comment on the presented ideas, etc.

During the first six months presentations and discussions have been organized on the topic of cloning and genetic engineering. (We taped all of the presentations and discussions and exhibited them as part of the "workspace" in the galleries)

- February 24. Presentation in Center for Women Studies, Zagreb.
- March 15. Discussion evening on Filozofski fakultet (Faculty of Philosophy) in Zagreb
Subject: "Human Genetic Engineering in Ethical Perspective".
Introductory lecture by Tomislav Janovic (philosopher) and Darko Polsek (sociologist).
- March 17. Presentation and Discussion in cyber-club Palach, Rijeka Kruzna ulica
subject: "Genetic Manipulation and the Future Generations' Right to Autonomy".
Introductory Lecture by Elvio Baccarini, bioethicist.
- March 21. Presentation and Discussion on the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, in coordination with the biology students' BIUS club.

Lecture by prof. Oskar Springer.
- March 25. Presentation in Otok gallery, Dubrovnik, organized by Slaven Tolj as part of the art weekend workshop Lazareti.
- March 27. Discussion at Peace Studies (Mirovni studiji), Zagreb.
Introductory lecture by Toni Vidan, from Green Action (Zelena akcija).

April 11-April 21. Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb.
A series of discussions on genetic engineering and cloning. (see more)
Participants: the most eminent Croatian natural and social scientists and broader public.
In addition to the discussion evenings, there was also an "open term" in the gallery: the gallery was open for everyone interested in the subject. The visitors could organize their own presentation, talk, discussion, or workshop. The gallery space and the selected (statistics, books, videotapes of lectures and discussions, CD-ROM and web site) were made available for further exploration and use. This material was conceived as the extension of the project.

About the authors
A project by the same authors: Distributive Justice (  

- June 1999. Rome, Italy
Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean
(the project was presented in demo version)

- 1. 10. 1999. Zagreb, Croatia
Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery
(opening on the web)

- October 27 - 31, Luzern, Switzerland
VIPER '99 (19. International Festival for Film and New Media)

- December 10 - 12, 1999 Athens, Greece
Medi@terra 99 (5th place)

- February 2000, Zagreb, Croatia
second award on the croatian competition

- April 11 - 21, 2000, Zagreb, Croatia
gallery Miroslav Kraljevic, presentation of the 6 months cycle

- May 3-7, 2000, Osnabruck, Germany
EMAF - European Media Art Festival 2000

- August 2000, Sao Paulo, Brazil
as invited work on FILE Electronic Language International Festival

- April/May 2000, Sarajevo, BiH
"Ambience 90"

- July 2000, Rijeka, HR
"Ambience 90"

- September 2000, Split, Croatia
Croatia 5th International Festival of New Film
GrandPrix in new media category

- November, 2000, Los Angeles, USA
The Brewery Project

- May - August, 2001. Vienna, Austria
Generali Foundation
"Double Life"

- winter/summer 2001. New York, USA
"The Alternative Museum"

- July, 2001, Skoplje, Macedonia
SeaFair '01.

- October 2001. Zagreb, Croatia
Museum of Contemporary Art
"To Tell a Story"

- November, 2001. Lisbon, Portugal
Video Lisboa 2001

- 2001, Udine, Italy
Italy Neoassociazione culturale


2000. Zagreb, Croatia
Croatian Competition,
(2nd prize)

2000. Split, Croatia
GrandPrix in new media category
5th International Festival of New Film


2001. Jaipur, India
"Talking about future"